Electronic Ads Delivery System - EADS

Sending ads over to print publications like newspapers and magazines might not be as straightforward and easy as it seems – with different publisher requirements, the possibility of having corrupted images and unprintable elements, etc.

EADS helps you by validating your ads and sending them to your publisher of choice, ensuring the best quality and making it much easier for you & your team.

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Digital Asset Collaboration Platform - eHiive

Searching for a platform to better manage your digital assets and store your files securely on a centralized location? Try eHiive!

On our platform, eHiive, you can securely archive all your digital assets, form workspaces or project spaces to collaborate seamlessly within your teams and better manage files, whether they are hi-res images, gifs, videos or documents. You can also share content with your clients or any other third party personnel!

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Hardcopy Proofing

Looking for cost-effective color proofing? We have just the solution, at an affordable price!

Hardcopy proof, also known as physical proof, is an actual printed sample of a to-be-printed material. Print houses use different colour outputs besides the ISO Standards. Hence to avoid misprints, it is highly recommended for those in the Advertising industry to get visual copies to verify the accuracy of colours, alignments and more, before they are printed.

We provide fast, cheap and reliable high-quality proofs across Malaysia. Klang Valley customers can get their proofs within a day, whereas other areas will receive within 3 days.


Image Enhancement Solution

Want your images to look stunning, with much cheaper cost and 10x faster?

Try perfecting your images with us! We use highly professional image enhancement technology to automatically inject life into all kinds of images, almost instantly brighten and sharpen the overall look and feel for a greater impression.

Improve the quality of posters and banners for your marketing campaigns, bring alive images for all usage including social media, websites, posters, banners and so much more.