Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Advertisement Delivery System
EADSworld provides you an easy and fast way to validate your advertisements according to various print publications’ specifications. We help you identify and fix printing issues such as corrupted images and fonts, imbalance ink weight and colour spaces etc.
Currently, we send ads to print publishers across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. We are looking to expand our business to reach Australia, Indonesia and other South East Asia countries.
In Malaysia and most part of the world, press advertising materials must be submitted digitally through an ad delivery network before they reach media owners. This is to reduce formatting and filing errors as print publishers have specific requirements for material submission – each publication requires different ad specs including dimension sizes, ink weight control etc. Some of them even requires hardcopy proofing. We provide an all-round service to ensure your ad reaches the publishers on time, and with high quality.
With us, you can track your ads’ status through all modern web browser without the need to be in the office. You will be able to approve the ads while you are on the go, through an iPAD or phone even. We made print ad delivery a simple and convenient process for you.
Most publications accept digital transmissions, so the process can be quite fast. After you have uploaded your ad to our electronic portal, our systems will check if your ad matches the specifications of the chosen publications. If it’s all good, and upon your approval, we’ll transmit to the media owner digitally. It takes less than 3 minutes* for the file to be processed and ready for approval.
* Time needed might fluctuate slightly depending on internet and device speeds.
EADSworld services covers not only pre-flight checking, but also post-flight verification. Before the ad is being printed, the PDF file sent to production is converted to a different format to accommodate large format printing. And in this conversion process, if there are corrupted images or fonts, the printing output will be affected. Our unique selling point is that we cover the end-to-end process to ensure your ad are being printed accurately.
Yes, upon request, we can send hardcopy proofing of your ads for you to verify. Many of our advertisers find that our ad deliver solution is accurate, affordable, fast, cost saving, and most importantly, reliable. We are also proud to announce that we are now able to provide hardcopy proofing services for the product packaging industry. Please contact our sales representative to find out more!